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German Heavy Tank Destroyer Elefant



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Elefant Defense
The German heavy tank destroyer Elefant was armed with a powerful 8.8cm L/71 gun which could knock out T-34 tanks at a distance of 2,000m, protected by armor up to 200mm thick, and equipped with advanced features such as a hybrid drivetrain. It had its roots in the Porsche-designed Ferdinand, which was first deployed into combat during the Battle of Kursk in 1943. The lessons learned from that battle resulted in modifications including the addition of a commander's cupola, a machine gun for infantry defense, and better tracks and the enhanced vehicle received the new designation Elefant in February 1944. Elefants were deployed to Italy and the Eastern Front, where they continued to defend against Allied forces until the final skirmishes of the war.

About the Model
★Length: 236mm, Width: 97mm ★The imposing form of the Elefant, including its 8.8cm gun and large fighting compartment, has been accurately reproduced based on a thorough study of an actual museum example. ★One-piece fighting compartment is made via slide molding technique. ★The main gun, engine grilles, and detailed suspension are designed to ensure easy assembly. ★The tracks feature one-piece straight sections with realistic sag effect. ★Kit comes with commander, loader, and driver torso figures. ★3 marking options included to depict vehicles deployed to the Italian and Eastern fronts.


■The Elefant's imposing form is faithfully depicted thanks to thorough research of an actual example at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

■Accurately reproduced engine grilles and hull machine gun position.

■Features detailed bolt-on frontal armor. Driver torso figure adds to the model's presence.

■Commander and loader torso figures are also included. Commander's cupola is one of the key features of the Elefant.

■Slide-molded one-piece fighting compartment contributes to ease of assembly.

■Tracks are also engineered for easy assembly.

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