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BCS Registration

BCS Registration Process

We are making some significant changes to the overall registration process to improve and streamline the registration.

  • Registration will begin before the event. Normally we start at least one week before the event to allow everyone time to come to Brickyard and register. 
  • The registration fee is currently P200.00. If you register before the first day of the event, then registration will be the standard P200.00.   On the first day of the event, usually Saturday, the registration fee will be P250.00.  On the second day of the event, usually the race day, registration will be P300.00.  Please be advised that this amount is applicable to the February, Leg 5, Race.  The rates may change for future races.  The registration fee is per category.  In the event that we offer another race category and you wish to participate also, you will need to register once again and pay the required fees.
  • We know not everyone can come to the Brickyard before the event so we will offer Online registration at  If you choose Bank Deposit as the payment method, we will NOT process or reserve a spot for you until payment has been completed.  You are expected to settle your payment within 48 hours or before the first day of the event, whichever is sooner.  You can pick up your racer’s ID before the event at Brickyard or at the activity center during the event.  You can only pick up your racer’s ID.  You cannot pick up someone else’s ID.  Online registration will be unavailable during the event.    
  • You will be able to buy multiple registrations online, but we will ask you to send us a picture for each registrant. Please wait for the email with the instructions.  We will require picture id for each racer before we process your registration.  Even if it is paid and you do not meet our picture requirements before the first day of the event, then your registration will be cancelled, and your payment will be refunded.  At the Brickyard, a racer must be PRESENT to register.
  • As part of our new process, upon registration at Brickyard, we will take a picture and process your ID. We will give you your completed racer’s ID.  It is your responsibility to take care of your racer’s ID.  All lost ID will only be reissued on the event Day with an additional P100 fee.  You will need to line up to reprocess your racers ID.      
  • On the event days, each racer is expected to bring their Racer’s ID. You will not be allowed entry into the race area without your race ID.  You must always wear it.  Upon arrival at the event area, you will need to present yourself and the ID to get an entry stamp for the day.   For lost IDs, there will be a section at the event for processing. 
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