Prepare your Tamiya Cars. This racing season will be epic!


Box Stock

Rules and Regulation

Golden Rule:  All Tamiya Cars and parts only.


Welcome to the Brickyard Box Stock Class Racing.  Please read the guide carefully.  This will serve as our rules and regulations.  These rules will be strictly implemented.  

1.  Your entry must be a complete build of a single Mini 4WD kit only.  You can not mix and match any part with other kits.

2.  Only Tamiya Stock motors are allowed.

3.  Starter Kits are not allowed to be used under any circumstances.

4.  Kits must be built as per instructions.

5.  Poly Carbonate (clear) cowls can be painted.  Other cowls do not need to be painted.   

6.  Stickers must be applied.

7.  Racer name must be affixed at the bottom of the car.

8.  Tune Up parts or Upgrade parts can not be used.

9.  Unless otherwise stated, only Alkaline batteries can be used.




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