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Modified Stock Race Rules and Regulations

Brickyard Modified Stock Race

Rules and Regulation


Golden Rule:  All Tamiya Cars and parts only.


Welcome to the Brickyard Modified Stock Race.  Please read the guide carefully.  This will serve as our rules and regulations.  It may be different from stock races that you are accustomed to, so please be guided accordingly.  These rules will be strictly implemented. 

The most important rule once again, ALL TAMIYA only! 

  1. ***ALL TAMIYA ONLY***. **This will be STRICTLY enforced through inspection before every race. If it is determined that a car contains "non-Tamiya" parts, the car and racer will NOT RACE that heat and will be considered as having lost the heat. While it is acceptable to paint parts, if the inspector’s are unable to identify that it is an original Tamiya part, the inspector may conclude that it is NOT A TAMIYA PART. The inspector's decision is final. 
  1. One car per racer only. We register the racer, not the car.  A racer can only register one time per category.      
  1. *Motor Restrictions* Only the following motors are allowed; Hyper Dash 2, Hyper Dash 3, Light Dash, Atomic Tuned, Atomic Tuned 2, Rev Tuned, Rev Tuned 2 and Torque Tuned and Torque Tuned 2.  Hyper Dash Motor Pro, Light Dash Motor Pro, Atomic Tuned 2 Motor Pro, Rev Tuned 2 Motor Pro and Torque Tuned 2 Motor Pro.  

Absolutely no motor modifications are allowed. Motor modifications are grounds for immediate disqualification and the racer will not be permitted to join any future events including the TMAC. 

  1. Alkaline (1.5V) or Rechargeable batteries (1.2V) are allowed. Be advised that there may not be enough outlets in the venue. We will not be able to provide additional outlets. Please bring enough batteries.  For Asia Challenge, only Fujitsu alkaline batteries will be allowed!  
  1. This will be the BCS Modified Stock Category. In general, you can only use parts that are available in REGULAR Tamiya kits. 
  • FRPs are not allowed
  • All High Grade parts are not allowed.
  • Bearings of any kind are prohibited.
  • No Aluminum rollers are allowed.
  • Plastic rollers cannot exceed 16mm.
  • You cannot extend the front or rear of the car. Nothing can be added to the chassis to make it longer than the original chassis. 
  • No Brakes are allowed.
  • Use of specialized screws are prohibited (Countersunk, screw Set A, Screw Set B, etc)
  • Use of plastic and aluminum spacers are prohibited.
  • Tamiya kits and parts from EVO’s and Starter Packs are prohibited. 

Parts are to be used for what it was intended.  You can not use parts for a different purpose.  

  1. Rollers: Minimum of 4 rollers and max of 6. Other chassis can maximize the 6 rollers using cowls if it has a roller slot.  Plastic rollers cannot exceed 16mm.  Roller placement must be based on specifications. 
  • Only AR and MA chassis can have 4 rollers at the rear
  • Rollers can be placed on cowl if it has a roller slot.
  • Side rollers are only allowed if chassis supports its placement. 

There will be no overlapping of rollers.  Lastly, using screw for the DPR is allowed but it must not go beyond the chassis.  Using of Gold Bushing for rollers are prohibited 

  1. No mixing of gears. Special ratio or any type of gears not seen on the Tamiya kits are prohibited. 
  1. Cowl modification is allowed in order to fit the chassis. Cowls must retain its original identity and form.  
  1. Repaired chassis are prohibited. 
  1. Wheels and Tires. HG Wheels are Tires are prohibited.  Small Diameter Super Hard Tires are prohibited.  Trimmed Tires are prohibited.
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