Prepare your Tamiya Cars. This racing season will be epic!

Start it Right!


The best selling cars we have are called Starter Packs.  These cars offer any racers a strong entry point into this indulging hobby.  

For beginners, it provides a solid introduction to Mini 4WD setups and an understanding of the different components necessary to be successful.  All three versions include an upgraded motor, frp, brakes, dampers and even rollers.  The setup, out of the box, is very similar to the high speed cars that you would see in the Asia Challenge races.  

Take sometime to consider this alternative and we are sure you will put yourself on the fast track to enjoying the Mini 4WD phenomenon. 


MS Chassis, Dual shaft, center mounted motor


FM-A chassis.  Front mounted motor.  The latest chassis released by Tamiya

AR Chassis.  Rear mounted motor.  






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