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Super Stock Class


Modification History

Section Summary
June 5, 2023 Motor Requirements Removed: Drivers are not allowed to change the motor timing.


CAR REGULATIONS of Super Stock Class

Only TT-02 /R/RR chassis is permitted to be used in this class.  TT-02 Type-S/SR/SRX Chassis is not permitted to use.


  1. Only Tamiya and Fully Max batteries should be used. No modifications to the battery cables or connectors are allowed. The driver should prepare by himself because it is not handed out from the race organizer. 
  2. Tamiya ESC and Hobby Wing 60 Amps Non-Boost ESC are allowed.
  3. Maximum Acceptable Motor 15.5 turn or higher brushless and 23 turn or higher brush motors allowed.  Drivers should prepare MOTORS and ESC by themselves because it is not handed out from the race organizer.
  4. The minimum permissible weight of a car when ready to run is 1,350g with a transponder.
  5. Cars do not have to be equipped with cockpit detail or a driver
  6. Any Tamiya touring bodies allowed.
  7. Light weight version of bodies is also allowed.
  8. The chassis should be selected so that the wheels fit inside the fender.
  9. Resin or polycarbonate wings from other bodies and Option Part wings are allowed.
  10. Clearance under lowest point of main chassis parts (including battery tape if used) must exceed 5mm AFTER the race.
  11. Gear Ratio will be limited as
  • Spur Gear 70T or 68T (as per provided in car kit)
  • Pinion Gear 25T (#50477)
  • These parts are allowed
  • 53569 Clamp Type Wheel Hub 6mm
  • 53792 Univ. Shaft (TT-01, TA04)
  • 54476 TT-02 Ball Baring Set
  • 54477 TT-02 Gear Box Jt. Univ. Shaft
  • 54501 TT-02 Aluminum Propeller Shat
  • 54502 TT-02 Aluminum Propeller Joint
  • 54559 TT-02 Low Fric Sus. Ball *4
  • 54752 TT-02 Steering Upgrade Set
  • 53526 3x23mm Titan Turnbuckle*2
  • 53601 Friction 5mm Adjuster *8
  • 53872 3x28 Titan. Turnbuckle Shaft*2
  • 54248 3x23mm Alu. Turnbuckle Shaft*2
  • 54814 TT-02 Carbon Bumper Support
  • 54874 TT-02 Adjustable Upper Arm Set
  • 54875 TT-02 Oil Gear Diff Unit 
  • All Tamiya Aluminum dampers and springs are allowed.
  • Any Tamiya wheels and tires are allowed.
  • Each Driver should prepare his own personal transponder
  • Front and Rear lock diff situation is not allowed.
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