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Gundam Marker ZeonSet



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Mr.Hobby GSI GMS108 Gundam Marker Zeon Set Basic color Set For Gundam Model Paint Modeling Hobby Paint


- Manufacturer:GSI-Mr.Hobby

- Series: Model Paint and Marker pen

- Included: Mr.Hobby GSI GMS108 Gundam Marker Zeon Set x 1

- All colors for  Char's Zaku and other series Zaku. GSI have developed special paint for this set. so you can get a smooth painted surface with very little irrefularity of color.

 - Quantity: GM34 x 1 (Char pink, basic color for Zeon), 

                   GM35 x 1 (Char red, basic color for Zeon), 

                   GM36 x 1 (Zaku dark green, basic color for Zeon), 

                   GM37 x 1 (Zaku light green, basic color for Zeon)

                   GM38 x 1 (Phantom Gray, basic color for Zeon)

                   GM39 x 1 (Zeon gray, basic color for Zeon)      

​- How to use: Please shake well before using the pen, paint mixing, and then open the pen cap, press down the head, waiting for the paint filled pen can be used later ; Continue to press the pen head, let the paint into the plate, use a brush to paint the model by hand.

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