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F-14D Super Tomcat



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Product image 1F-14D Super Tomcat
Product image 2F-14D Super Tomcat
Product image 3F-14D Super Tomcat

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he F-14 "Tomcat" fighter jet is the continuation of the "Cat" series of fighter jets in the history of the military. The F4F "Wildcat" and F6F "Hellcat" that dominated the sky many years ago are the predecessors of the F-14 "Tomcat". As early as the late 1960s, the U.S. Navy began the TFX program, focusing on the development of fighter jets for fleet air defense. Grumman began developing the F-14 because the company's fighter must be named "Cat". The main military person in charge of the project is General Tom Connally of the Navy. Before the F-14 was officially named the "Tomcat", it was always called "Tom's Cat".

Product number     80278
Product name     American F-14D " Super Tomcat fighter jet
Barcode     6939319202789
Product proportion     1:72
Product type     Static kit
Model size     Length:264.82 mm   Wingspan: 155.5/271.35mm
Total number of parts     100+
Total number of offset plates     7 sprues,upper fuselage and lower fuselage
Chrome plated parts      Already
Paint scheme     US Navy
Resin parts      Already
Metal parts      Already
Etched parts      Already
Film parts      Already
Announcement date     2012-08
More description The kit consists of over 100 parts, includes 2 clear parts
for canopy & windscreen
-Detailed fuselage & wing w/accurate design
-Detailed gear cabin & cockpit
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