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Racer Go Seiba belongs to the TRF Victories appearing in the popular comic book "Let's and Go!! MAX". His new machine has now been released as an Aero Mini 4WD. Entirely different from past Magnums, the Lightning Magnum features a striking orange fire pattern over a metallic blue body. The compact VS chassis is equipped with 24mm diameter, narrow tires for superb acceleration. Tune-up parts enable easy tuning up of your Mini 4WD. You too can challenge Go with the explosive speed of the Lightening Magnum.
Brand new aerodynamically designed nose features oversized fenders. Ensuring stability at high speeds, the "Dragon Suspension" has been molded separately. Large flat wing on rear of car heightens speed.


Separately required items  ●Motor ●R6/AA/UM3 Batteries (x2)

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