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Mercedes-AMG GT3



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A Modern Great
GT racing has captured the imagination of race fans across the world, with cutting edge cars from famed marques such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi and more. That illustrious list also includes Mercedes and the German auto giant's Mercedes-AMG GT3, developed in line with the FIA's GT3 class specs. The AMG GT production car is used as a base, and given an aluminum space frame, carbon fiber body components, a mammoth rear wing, rear diffuser, front spoiler and other racy upgrades. Power is provided by a monster 6.3-liter naturally-aspirated V8 mounted in the front. Delivery of the car began in 2016; in addition to gracing the Super GT series in Japan, the AMG GT3 has taken part in major races across the world. One of the highlights of its 2016 season was taking the Blancpain GT Series driver and team titles in HTP motorsport colors, a feat perhaps surpassed by an overwhelming display at that year's 24 Hours Nurburgring where Mercedes-AMG GT3 cars took the top four places.

About the Model
★This is a 1/24 scale plastic model assembly kit recreating the Mercedes-AMG GT3. Length: 198mm, width: 87mm, height: 71mm (includes antenna). ★A stunning recreation of this stylish long nose, short deck car, including depictions of fender air outlets. ★Features realistic depictions of suspension and interior. ★Metal-plated front grille/emblem part makes for a super-authentic finish. ★Decals are included to recreate yellow markings, AMG logos and more.


★This highly accurate model captures details such as the various air outlets and the massive rear wing.
★Metal-plated parts recreate the front grille and light reflectors. Nylon mesh is used in air intakes.
★Decals are included in the kit to recreate the carbon fiber pattern on areas like the rear wing.

★Fine depictions of fender air outlets and brake discs, plus separate wheel lock nuts make for superb detail.
★Take a good look at the radiator and fan, which are visible through the bonnet-top air outlet.
★Realistic interior features renderings of the roll cage, bucket seat, pedals and racing steering wheel.

★Left: Peeking out from the body side slits is the exhaust, a feature of the 2016 model. 

★Right: Nylon mesh, precision marking decals and masking stickers to assist with the paint job are included. 

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