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Toyota Celica Supra Long Beach GP Marshal Car



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Enjoying the Limelight
1970 was the year that the world was first greeted with Toyota's legendary Celica, and the car continued to innovate and impress through the domestic market's top spec Celica XX in 1978 and then the second generation Celica XX 2800GT (known as Celica Supra outside of Japan) from 1981. Sporting a 2.8-liter DOHC 6-cylinder engine and fitted with jazzy overfenders and roof spoiler in some export versions, the car was a frequent sight at racetracks; it was employed as the marshal car for the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach in 1982, complete with a BAE turbocharger and boosted output of 230hp that doubtless won the car even more admirers over the race weekend.

About the Model
★This is a 1/24 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 195mm, width: 81mm, height: 67mm. ★The wedge shaped form of the car is captured in style, with separate parts for overfenders, roof spoiler and other details. ★Clear and plated parts are used in the depiction of the light bar. ★Move the retractable headlights via a simple one-touch mechanism. ★Underside offers excellent detail with depictions of suspension, exhaust and more. ★Features a realistic interior with easy to assemble parts breakdown. ★Wheels are metal-plated. Front wheels are steered. ★Comes with a driver figure to up the realism.


★The breathtaking form of the car is captured in style, with separate parts provided to recreate the front and rear overfenders.

★A combination of clear and metal-plated parts is employed to depict the light bar, with a separate part for the roof spoiler.

★Moving headlights are another feature of the model, and can be secured in their popped up position if so desired.
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