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Toyota Hilux Surf SSR-G



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【Enjoying a full body feeling and powerful driving unique to 4WD】 It  is a plastic model assembly kit of a fun mini four-wheel drive car with a powerful running and a realistic body. The body was fully remodeled in 1995 Hilux surf. Reproduce the actual car as it is to the overfender and the rear spare tire. The chassis adopts 4WD which conveys the power of the motor with a propeller shaft and a worm gear. The worm gear incorporates a safety mechanism that is not easily broken even if excessive force is applied, and it improves the durability of running. Assembly is easy to complete with fitting-in type without adhesive, motorized without wiring. With sticker for coloring.

【Basic Specification】 ● Total length of 154 mm at completion ● Width of 73 mm ● With motor

【Separately Requested Items】 ● 2 AA batteries
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