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U.S. Airborne Tank M551 Sheridan (Vietnam War)



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Vietnam Campaigner
The lightweight M551 Sheridan was designed as an airliftable tank, a cutting-edge design with aluminum alloy hull and powerful 152mm gun/launcher. Work began on it in 1959, and it was officially adopted in May 1966, with 1,600 produced by November 1970. Its first taste of live action came in the Vietnam War, fulfilling both shelling and offensive roles in a punishing environment, and it would also go on to serve in the Gulf War conflict. Experience taught valuable lessons on the use of the Sheridan, and led to reinforced armor to combat land mines, while some were given a wire netting RPG screen for protection from anti-tank rockets, and even the large gun shield from the M113 ACAV.

About the Model
★This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit of the M551 Sheridan. Length: 185mm, width: 80mm. ★A highly accurate rendering of the powerful form with 152mm gun/launcher based on extensive research of the actual Sheridan. ★Authentically captures a Vietnam War vehicle, with optional chain link anti-RPG net and gun shield. ★Choose open or closed rotating driver's hatch. ★Assembly type tracks feature one-piece straight sections. ★Nylon mesh is included to recreate anti-RPG net and engine grille mesh. ★Clear parts recreate periscope components. ★Comes with commander and loader figures, plus torso driver figure. ★2 Vietnam War marking options are included.


★The revolutionary airliftable M551 design is recreated with aplomb, complete with modifications from units on the ground.

★Asymmetric turret features plenty of detail on the M2 machine gun, searchlight canvas cover recreation, and much more!

★Commander is depicted at the M2, while the loader carries an M16. They will add a further sense of reality to your model.

★Two types of helmet are included for the loader figure, while the uniform evokes images of the hot, humid environment.

★Slide molded depictions of turret-side smoke dischargers offer fuss-free assembly. Plenty of accessories are included, too.

★The model can be assembled with the chunky M113 ACAV gun shield, added by some crews for additional protection from enemy fire.

★Assembly type tracks employ single piece straight sections for a quick and highly effective job, with realistic depiction of "sag".

★Kitted out in shades, the driver torso figure is attached via poly cap and can be detached after the model has been completed.

★These images show the driver's hatch, which moves after completion, with the sliding motion of the real thing captured authentically.
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