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Brake Set ( for AR Chassis ) (Fluorescent Yellow )



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This Brake Set, designed for the AR Chassis, includes a brake plate, adapters, two kinds of brake sponges, and 3 types of spacers. By using the adapters and spacers, brake parts attachment positions can be easily changed, allowing fine setting adjustment according to the race track. The brake plate features a skid angle to prevent speed loss on the grass track sections of some tracks.

90mm Brake Plate x1
AR Chassis Adapters x2
Flourescent YELLOW color.
5mm width Brake Sponges x4 (low-friction x2, high-friction x2)
Spacers (3mm, 4.5mm, 9mm) x 2 each
Screws also included.
Compatible with AR, MA and Super-II chassis. MS and FM-A chassis using Item 15430 are also compatible.
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