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This Tamiya Mini 4WD kit is a re-issue of the classic Mini 4WD Mechanical Series Diomars-Nero. The Diomars-Nero was originally released in 1999. The kit is a static display model with detailed chassis and body parts, steerable front and rear wheels and more. It depicts a car that was driven by Nero in the Mini 4WD cartoon “Let’s & Go!! MAX.”

Static Mini 4WD car model assembly kit. Length: 130mm, width: 81mm, height: 38mm.
Features a transparent body that can be left clear to see the inner details of the model, or painted as you wish.
Cockpit can be moved between forward (Thermo mode) and rear (Terminate mode) positions.
Separate metal-plated parts are included to recreate body interior/chassis detail. Non-plated parts are also included to depict chassis and suspension.
Tread-patterned tires enhance level of realism.
A knob on the chassis steers all four wheels and can be used to switch between two different 4WS modes.
Stickers are included to decorate the model.
Assembly manual features instructions on cutting the body so it can be used with Super X, Super TZ and Super-1 chassis to create a running model. Super-II and VS chassis can also be used.
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