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Enhance the realism of your masterpiece model or diorama with this late WWII German Infantry Set. Components which recreate late war small arms have been updated. German Wehrmacht soldier uniforms during WWII are separated into the early (1939~1940), middle (1941~1942) and late (1943~1945) period. Late-WWII uniform was M43 uniform featuring simplified details such as materials and pockets compared to earlier M36 and M40 uniforms. Efficiently produced leggings and ankle boots were used in place of leather jackboots. Also, it employed uniform made for actual combat – such as poncho used for camouflage, camouflage helmet cover, and small arms such as Mauser G43, MP44 rifle, and portable anti-tank arm Panzerfaust.

• 1/35 scale plastic figure assembly kit set.
• German infantry troops are realistically captured in uniform typical of the late-WWII period.
• Newly molded components have realistic renderings of accessories such as Mauser G43, MP44 rifle and Panzerfaust.
• Kit includes parts for 5 figures in realistic pose: a non-commissioned officer (NCO) signaling rearward, a rifleman looking forward with both knees on the floor, a rifleman with anti-tank mine, a grenadier setting up Panzerfaust and carrying MP44 rifle and a soldier in poncho setting up Mauser G43.
• Grenade can be attached to right hand of sharpshooter instead of anti-tank mine.
• Realistically recreated poncho features ergonomic parts breakdown which allows ease of assembly.
• Use with Item 35381 1/35 German Panzer IV/70(A) is recommended.
• Insignia uniform decals included.

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