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German Self-Propelled Heavy Anti-Tank Gun Nashorn (1/35 Scale)



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8.8cm of Destructive Power
The self-propelled heavy anti-tank gun Nashorn packed a formidable punch courtesy of a mammoth 71-caliber 8.8cm Pak43/1 gun which was one of the largest on the battlefield in WWII. The vehicle was developed in all possible haste after the German Army had the unexpected surprise of meeting such overpowering opponents as the T34 and KV-1 upon its invasion of the Soviet Union. The recently-developed III/IV vehicle was used as a base for the Pak43/1 gun, which was capable of destroying enemy tanks from great distance. Top road speed was 42km/h thanks to its relatively light weight of 24 tons. While deployment started in July 1943 under the moniker of Hornisse, it was given the new Nashorn designation from January of the next year, reportedly at the command of Hitler. 439 units were produced up to March 1945, and they served on both the Eastern and Western Fronts, providing heavy firepower for German forces.

About the Model
★This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 241mm, Width: 84mm. ★Extensive research and study of actual vehicles led to this accurate recreation of the imposing form of the Nashorn with long 8.8cm main gun. ★Features of post-May 1943 vehicles such as late production gun travel lock, muffler-less exhaust pipes and more are faithfully depicted. ★Metal parts are used to allow realistic elevation and depression of the main gun. ★Belt-type tracks. ★4 figures in winter uniform are included, and can be placed in the large fighting compartment to add a further air of authenticity to the model. ★Comes with 3 marking options, including Eastern Front vehicle marking

★The Nashorn is accurately recreated, including the long main gun and large fighting compartment. Moving gun features realistic elevation/depression and traverse.

★The model doesn't ignore the details in the complex fighting compartment, its intuitive use of parts giving a realistic finish.

★The kit includes 3 marking options, with the choice of depicting an Eastern Front vehicle, and even a 3-color camouflage option.

★Shell racks can be depicted in an open or closed state, and the kit includes parts recreating armor-piercing and high-explosive rounds, in addition to empty casings.

★The unique breech block featured on the Nashorn is recreated as moving parts.

★4 figures in action pose are included, and depicted in winter gear.

519th Heavy Anti-Tank Battalion, Eastern Front, February 1944

3rd Company, 88th Heavy Anti-Tank Battalion, Eastern Front, Autumn 1944

Tamiya Color paints for painting the German Self-Propelled Heavy Anti-Tank Gun Nashorn

Tamiya Color Spray Colors
(Item No.)
Acrylic Colors
(Item No.)
Enamel Colors
(Item No.)
Dark Yellow TS-3 (85003) XF-60 (81760) XF-60 (80360)
Red Brown TS-1 (85001) XF-64 (81764) XF-64 (80364)
Dark Green TS-2 (85002) XF-61 (81761) XF-61 (80361)

Tamiya Color Acrylic Colors
(Item No.)
Enamel Colors
(Item No.)
  Tamiya Color Acrylic Colors
(Item No.)
Enamel Colors
(Item No.)
X-10 Gun Metal 81510 80010   XF-15 Flat Flesh 81715 80315
X-11 Chrome Silver 81511 80011   XF-16 Flat Aluminum 81716 80316
X-12 Gold Leaf 81512 80012   XF-24 Dark Grey 81724 80324
X-18 Semi Gloss Black 81518 80018   XF-63 German Grey 81763 80363
XF-1 Flat Black 81701 80301   XF-65 Field Grey 81765 80365
XF-2 Flat White 81702 80302   XF-84 Dark Iron 81784 80384
XF-3 Flat Yellow 81703 80303   XF-85 Rubber Black 81785 80385
XF-10 Flat Borwn 81710 80310   -- -- --


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