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Mini 4WD Shirokumakko



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Putting you in Pol-ar Position!
This is a Mini 4WD model assembly kit with a twist - it features an oh-so-cute polar bear driver figure known as "Shirokumakko." The Terra Conqueror Open Top body is given a chilly color scheme to make him feel right at home! Stickers are used to depict light blue, blue and yellow line markings, plus the Shirokumakko logo. The polar bear figure comes pre-assembled and pre-painted, while owners have the choice of 2 different rosy cheek stickers included in the kit, to personalize their bear. The figure is attached simply using double sided sponge tape.The packaging also features a cute illustration!

Super-II Chassis
The Super-II chassis offers impressive toughness on a wide frame. Here, it appears in light blue resin and is matched with white battery holder and rear stay. The model also features turn switches, double attachment points for the rear stay, and screws to hold the rear gear cover in place. Removing the motor cover allows the installation of a separately sold aluminum motor support. The model includes multiple bumper and rear stay attachment holes to allow a range of set-up options. Gold color plated wheels are paired with 26mm small-diameter blue tires, and the model comes with a 4:1 gear and motor.

★Length: 150mm ★Width: 97mm ★Height: 46mm ★Includes painted and assembled polar bear driver figure, plus motor ★Snap-together easy assembly

Separately Required Items
★R6/AA/UM3 batteries (x2
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