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Overwhelming high performance that exceeds common sense This is a 1/8 scale engine racing truck that can enjoy high-speed running off road by combining large-diameter tires with a chassis that pursues a low centre of gravity. A highly rigid drawn aluminium frame The slim chassis with centrally arranged mechanism has an excellent weight balance. The shaft drive 4WD equipped with front, centre and rear differentials has all gears in the case, and the differential gears are oil-sealed sealed types. The aluminium slipper clutch is standard equipment to improve driving reliability. The 4-wheel double wishbone suspension can be set in detail. The body is attractive for low form. The large rear wing brings out the traction. was equipped.

Tamiya FR-32FX engine tower Equipped with the class the largest 5.2cc Tamiya FR-32FX engine, which boasts the amount of exhaust. Adopts the excellent rear exhaust to exhaust efficiency, black start colour is a fearless large heat sink head large diameter slide carburettor, large-diameter f14mm crank Equipped with a shaft and lightweight piston. Enjoy high-speed driving with overwhelming power.

Basic specification

• Tire width / diameter: 87/148 (common to front and rear)
• Equipped with aluminium slipper clutch
• Full bearing specification
• 2-channel transmitter, handy starter, plug With heater and tools
• Frame material = aluminium drawing
• Shaft drive full time 4WD 3 differential configuration
• Engine = Tamiya FR-32FX (5.2cc)
• Fuel tank = 150cc

Separately Required Items
• Fuel
• Fuel pump
• 7.2V battery and charger for handy starters
• Alkaline AA batteries for plug heaters
• AA batteries for transmitters and receivers

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