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Toyota 86 (1/24 Scale)



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【 Bringing Back the Sport 】 Released in April 2012, the Toyota 86 is a lightweight, front-engine rear-wheel drive sports car that was co-developed by Toyota and Subaru. It is powered by a boxer 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine featuring Toyota's D-4S direct injection technology. From its ground-hugging form to its interior styling, everything about this car has been newly designed in the pursuit of providing a fun driving experience.

【 About the Model 】 ★Length: 177mm, Width: 84mm ★Dynamic body lines of the FR sports car are accurately reproduced. ★Hood may be posed open to showcase the detailed engine compartment with boxer engine. ★Front wheels are linked with steering wheel. ★Manufacturer emblems and mirror surfaces depicted with metal transfers. ★Underbody features suspension and drivetrain details. ★Metal-plated headlight and taillight fixtures add an eye-catching touch.

■Parts for rear spoiler equipped on the GT Limited trim level included. ■Pop open the hood with the included support to view the engine compartment. ■Separate parts for the special emblems on the side panels.

■Suspension, exhaust system, and drivetrain look just like the actual car. ■Sporty interior comes with parts to depict a car with manual transmission. ■In addition to water decals, window masks and metal transfers are also included.

■Recreate the actual body colors with Tamiya Color spray paints.
The actual Toyota 86 is available in seven official body colors. Tamiya Color spray paints enable modellers to easily paint their models in the color of their choice, and in particular the limited edition TS Metallic Orange is perfect for reproducing the Toyota 86's representative body color. Of course, other Tamiya Color spray paints are also available.

Orange Metallic
Sterling Silver Metallic
Crystal Black Silica
Satin White Pearl
Dark Gray Metallic
Lightning Red
Galaxy Blue Silica
TS Metallic Orange (Limited Edition Color)
TS-76 Mica Silver
TS-14 Black + TS-65 Pearl Clear
TS-45 Pearl White
TS-64 Dark Mica Blue
TS-8 Italian Red
TS-15 Blue + TS-65 Pearl Clear

■Painting Tip for Wheels!
Metal-plated parts are included to depict the 17-inch wheels. Since only the face of the wheel is silver, you can use the below technique to replicate this appearance for greater realism.

1. Paint the entire wheel with Tamiya Color Enamel X-18 Semi Gloss Black.

2. Once dried, use a cotton swab dipped in X-20 Enamel Thinner to remove paint from the faces of the spokes.

3. This will be the result. If too much paint is accidentally removed, just paint the wheel with X-18 and begin again.
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