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TT-02 Type-SRX Chassis Kit



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Tamiya has announced a new top end race version of the TT02. The Tamiya TT02-SRX is an slight upgrade over the previous TT02-SR.

Key features are..
  • TRF420 Suspension 
  • XV02 Gear Differential (which will have lightweight gearbox joints (22065) as opposed the steel versions)
  • XV02 Front spool
  • It includes the std TT02 propshaft, however the Prop joints are revised (22066) to allow the use of plastic diff cushions to prolong life (Was this ever an issue?)
  • Alloy 5mm clamp style wheel hex's

So nothing really there that is going to be an issue if you already have a TT02-SR. There are actually some potential issues. If you want to be able to set droop, the TRF420 arms have the downstop screw on the other side of the arm. This means that the Tamiya 54638 Steel Rebound stoppers will not work 😓 :( . Personally I find droop one of the most important things when tuning a car, so having to resort to using internal spacers isn't something I would find fun. There will be a third party solution, but if you need to use only Tamiya exclusive parts then that is going to be a problem.

The other thing I really would have loved to have seen is the ability to have Stabiliser (Roll) bars mounted to the car. There are ways to do this (Check out our guide here), but it would be nice to have a simple bolt on Tamiya solution. 

Still, it looks like a very nice and capable chassis for an entry level shaft car, and another racy TT02 is a good thing in my eyes :)

Here is the official info (Badly translated).
58720 TT-02 Type-SRX Chassis Kit
The TT-02 frame will soon be available in an exclusive updated version compared to the previous S version.

The TT-02 Type-SRX frame kit features increased durability and performance for racing. This frame kit uses the stock oil differential and front rigid post as well as a selection of options normally sold separately. This kit is perfect for those who want an Entry level frame but who already have an Optional base to be able to configure it for competitions.

Chassis Features:
1/10 Scale R / C Chassis Mounting Kit.
• Items 22049 oil differential and 22047 rigid front pole ensure easy assembly and stable driveability.
• This frame kit features a reliable 4 wheel independent double wishbone suspension used in the TRF420 frame to ensure an effective setup.
• Center joints have plastic parts in the joint sections of stainless steel pins and aluminum joints to limit wear of parts.
• 37mm Universal joints (code 22054) provides stable steering and cornering grip for superior performance during racing.
• The rear driveshafts have a size of 39mm, specific for this frame.
• High speed gears and 27T pinion (transmission ratio: 6.55: 1) are included as standard parts of the kit.
• The included servo saver ensures an ideal steering angle and to limit damage to the steering servo.
• Features shielded ball bearings.
• Comes with a dedicated carrying case for the TT-02 Type-SRX chassis.
• Please note that the body, battery, motor, tires and R / C system are not included.

Accessories included as standard:
- 37mm cardan for constant velocity joints, 2pcs. (code TO22054).
- XV-02 / TT-02 Oil gear differential (code TO22049).
- Front rigid pole set XV-02 / TT-02 39T (code TO22047).
- 27T module 06 pinion in hardened aluminum (code TO54981).
- TRF419 suspension set (code TO54886).
- TT-02 Hi-Torque Servo Saver Set with metal bracket (code TO54799).
- Central transmission shaft in aluminum TT-02 (code TO54501).
- TT-02 speed gear set, 68t (code TO54500).
- Item 53823: 5mm thick aluminum clamp style wheel hex (code TO53823).
- TRF Shock Absorber Oil Seal, 4pcs. (code TO53576).
- Cross joints for low friction constant velocity joints (code TO42357).
- Short ball connector for TRF shock absorbers, 8pcs. (code TO42323).
- 4mm blue knurled aluminum wheel nut (code TO42143).
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