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RC Race Regulations

Modification History  Section Summary
Date: May 12, 2023 Personal Transponder  Use of My Laps.  Transponder compatibility
Date: May 13, 2023 Race Format Details regarding race format for controlled practice, qualifying and finals.



  1. Tamiya Cup 2023 race has four (4) main classes and two (2) special class shown
    • Main class:
      • Super Stock Class
      • M Chassis Class
      • 4WD GT Class
      • Racing Truck Class
    • Special class
      • Buggy
      • Novice / Junior 
  1. The driver is allowed to register in as many class he/she is allowed in. But only one category at Tamiya Cup 2023 in Thailand. 
  1. No driver could enter Super Stock Class again if he has Tamiya Asia Cup participation. 
  1. All cars must be built using only original Tamiya parts and strictly following the instructions provided with those parts. *See individual *Class regulations for specified requirements 
  1. All parts must be used as supplied in the package and/or cut as outlined, Modification of the original appearance of the car is not allowed.  In all classes, tires and wheels must stay within the body shell. 
  1. 2.4G transmitter is accepted for all the classes. If a driver would like to use AM/FM 27Mhz, he should prepare at least three crystals. 
  1. Each driver must apply one’s ID stickers on Motor / Chassis / Transmitter. If ID sticker was lost or damaged, so the driver has to contact the organizer immediately.  When there is a heat in which a driver drives his car, motor, and/or transmitter without ID No. sticker or different ID No., that heat will be deleted. 
  1. Race Tires will be checked by the inspectors. 
  1. Drivers need to declare what inserts are installed 
  1. Each qualifying race will be 5 minutes plus the time to complete the lap.
  1. Any other issues not clarified in the regulations shall be handled at the discretion of the race organizer. 
  1. Starting from Control Practice, All Chassis are required to have the ID sticker. A driver’s Chassis found without ID No. will have the result deleted from official record. 
  1. Drivers are not allowed to go in reverse during the race.  ESC programmed to Forward only, no Reverse.
  1. Personal Transponder (PT). Each driver should use his private   Organizers are not liable for any responsibility for any problems between their PT itself and organizer’s MyLaps racing system. We won’t stop any heat even though any PT doesn’t work before the heat. All the responsibilities of these PTs for the quality and response to MyLaps should be taken care of by each driver. Should there be a PT problem in a heat, it should be checked by the video (if available) and judged by the organizer. No driver can complain to its judgement.  Each class’s minimum weight shows the total weight with PT.  To minimize the miscount of the lap time, PT should be positioned close to the ground (the carpet). 

We will be using the latest RC4 Decoder - Firmware 4.5.  Please note.  We will have at least 10 transponders which can be rented for the day.

  1. ESC and batteries for each class have to be prepared by the drivers themselves.  We will not stop any heat and will not change the result even though ESC and batteries trouble make the cars undriveable during the races. 
  1. Race Format for Qualify and Finals. At the control practice and all qualifiers, we will take Staggered Start Style. At the Finals, we will take Grid Start Style. 
  • Control Practice Format
    • 1 practice run of 5 minutes for each class
    • We will do the Staggered Start Style
    • The best consecutive 2 laps through all Controlled Practice will be used to determine Qualifying line ups.
  • Qualifying Format
    • 3 Qualifying heats of 5 minute runs for each class.
    • We will do the Staggered Start Style
    • Group seeding from the controlled practice results.
    • The best runs from the 3 heats will be used to determine Final line-ups. (1 out of 3).
    • Best run is defined as the most number of laps within the 5 minute heat plus the last lap to finish the race.
    • If there is a draw, we will follow the IFMAR rule to determine the winner.
  • Finals Format
    • We will do the Grid Start Style
    • The top 10 ranked drivers from Qualifying in each class will proceed to the A-main.
    • Drivers ranked 11th - 20th will proceed to B-main.
    • Drivers ranked 21st and lower will proceed to the C-main.
    • A-Main will have 3 heats.  Best 2 out of 3 (Drop 1) heats will be counted to determine the Champion.
    • B-Main will have 2 heats.  Both runs will be counted to determine the winner,
    • C-Main will have 1 heat. 
    • Finishing race positions will be your points.  1st = 1 pt; 2nd = 2 pts, 3rd - 3 pts, etc.
    • Least points gathered will be the winner.
    • If there is a draw on points, we will follow the IFMAR rules to determine the winner. 
  • After the Controlled Practice, we will regroup each class for Qualify.  We will not regroup again during all Qualifying sessions.  After all qualifying sessions, we will sort for Finals Seed and Grid positions.
  1. Every morning the motor should be shown to the inspector for checking.
  1. When a driver would like to purchase the extra motor for the race, he should visit the shop beside the circuit with his ID Tag to purchase. Sales of Tamiya motors are available while stock last.  After purchase of extra motor, the driver should visit Inspector to register/have the ID No. Sticker pasted onto the motor.
  2. Course All the drivers should take the role of Course Marshal when he finishes each heat. If he doesn’t take the role of Course Marshal, his heat will be disqualified.  As long as the Marshal role has been performed (either registered driver’s mechanic or driver), then it should be ok. However, if no one is there, his heat will be deleted.
  3. Wire of ESC and Motor.  The modification of Wire and Motor is accepted. (Direct connect.)
  4. Any Capacitor is not accepted for this race.
  5. Any form of electronic driving assist, such as gyro or traction control is not allowed.
  6. No modifications/customization of Tire/Wheel for all classes,
  7. All the classes except Novice - Junior/Newbie accept 42247 Gear Diff. Putty and 53439 Anti-Wear Grease (3g).
  8. 53918 TRF Damper L. Friction V Part is allowed for all classes.
  9. High Torque Servo Saver (No.51000 and 50473) is allowed for all classes. TT-02 HT Servo Saver & Alu. Horn (No.54799) is allowed for only Super Stock and Racing Truck Class.  Adding glue to servo horns/ savers is not allowed.
  10. All battery charging MUST be done in Li-PO Safe bag.
  11. All classes accept any Tamiya limited parts such as 42***/49***/84*** series and “color variations” of the original SP/OP parts.



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