Prepare your Tamiya Cars. This racing season will be epic!

Create and Compete Race Event

Create and Compete

This event is exclusively for BOX Stock Cars.  These are cars that come directly out of the box. 

1.  There will be pre-selected kits that racers need to choose from.  If you wish to participate, you must purchase and build the car within the designated area.  You may not bring in your own.  , 

2.  The racer will then enter car into either a Time Attack format or an actual race format.  This will depend on the race organizers.  

If it is a time trial event, the best times within a predetermined time (eg hourly, daily, etc) will qualify to compete in a championship event. 

If a Race event, finalists will qualify for a championship event . 

The championship event can be either Time Attack or a Race format depending on the race organizers.

3.  You can Create and Compete several times, you can also register several cars, however, only one car can enter the championship event.  

General rules:

  • The organizer will pre-select a set of cars that are available for purchase and competition.  Participants must purchase and build the car in the designated area only.  Racers must be the one that built the car. 
  • Technicians will be available for minor assistance but it is REQUIRED that the racer create his/her car with minimal assistance.
  • No swapping of parts. 
  • The car must be built correctly and as per instructions.  Stickers will be required only if the kit uses a poly-carbonate cowl.      
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