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Product image 1Ger. HORCH 4X4 TYPE 1A
Product image 2Ger. HORCH 4X4 TYPE 1A

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Einheits-Pkw der Wehrmacht – literally: "standard passenger motor-car of the Wehrmacht" – was the Nazi German plan for a new, multi-purpose fleet of all wheel drive off-road vehicles, based on just three uniform chassis, specifically designed and built for the Wehrmacht (the Nazi military). The plan was formulated in 1934, and vehicles were built from 1936 to 1943.

★ Detailed 1:35 scale model kit
★ The high-quality kit from TAMIYA must be in
be assembled by yourself.
★ Self-assembly is accompanied by step-by-step or illustrated assembly instructions. The assembly instructions are of course included in the scope of delivery.
★ Based on the assembly instructions, the precisely fitting individual parts must be assembled. The parts can be painted according to your own ideas.
★ Tools, glue and paints are included with the
Plastic kit not included. These must be purchased optionally.

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