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 HMS Hood battlecruiser of the British Royal Navy Model 1931 Total length: 262.3m Width: 32.0m Displacement: 42560t The battlecruiser HMS Hood is the third and last battleship of the British Royal Navy named Hood, 1915 Started construction in the year. The original Hood class was planned to be built with four ships. The Hood was not actually completed until 1920. There is no doubt that she was the most powerful battleship at the time. Her displacement of 41,200 tons was far greater than the largest battleship at the time within 20 years. Throughout the winter of 1940-1941, Hood patrolled the North Sea near Iceland, looking for any German warships attempting to invade, especially large warships. In May 1941, when the formation of Bismarck and Prinz Eugen appeared, Hood's wait seemed to be worth it. She set out with the new battleship HMS Prince of Wales, hoping to intercept and destroy the Germans before they broke up the British fleet. At 5:52 on May 24, 1941, the Hood began to shoot at German warships 25,000 yards away, and relied on steering to continuously shorten the distance from the German warship formation. The German battleships' counterattack was very precise. Their third salvo hit the Hood near the main mast and caused a fire. At 5:55, in order to be able to use all its firepower against the German ships, the British formation began to turn. After performing the same maneuver, Bismarck's fifth salvo had devastating effect. The violent explosion produced a water column as high as 1,000 feet. Hood was blown into two pieces and sank within two minutes. Only 3 of the 1,415 crew members survived.

  • Product number 05740
  • Product Name Battlecruiser HMS Hood 1941
  • Barcode 9580208057408
  • Product scale 1/700
  • Product Type Static Warship
  • Model size Length:374.7 mm Beam:47.8 mm Height: mm
  • Total number of parts 490pcs
  • Total number of offset plates 9pcs plus lower hull, upper hull, waterline plate, decks, stand etc.
  • Her sinking on 24 May 1941
  • Announcement date 2007-09
  • More description " Either full hull version or waterline version can be selected. The kit consists of 488 parts in plastic with an additional 2 red color lower hull"
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