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2015 was an auspicious year for NSX aficionados, as the legendary car's 25th anniversary was marked with the announcement of the new second generation production NSX at the Detroit Auto Show. It went on sale to great acclaim in August of this year (2016). An exceptionally lightweight body utilizes aluminum, high strength steel and carbon fiber components, while power is provided by a midship 3.5-liter V6 twin turbo engine in harmony with a 9-speed dual clutch transmission. The ground-breaking hybrid system orchestrates three electric motors for maximum control of all four wheels and outstanding cornering. With this much-anticipated super sports car starting to hit the streets, we have wasted no time in giving it the highly detailed Tamiya treatment and introducing it to the popular 1/24 scale Sports Car Series!

About the Model
★This is a 1.24 scale plastic model assembly kit. ★Length: 187mm, width: 92mm, height: 51mm. ★The alluring, aerodynamically-honed form of the NSX is recreated with superb accuracy. ★The stylish floating pillars are built up using multiple parts. ★A combination of metal-plated and clear parts depict head- and taillights. ★Realistic V6 twin turbo engine and suspension depictions are to be attached to the model frame. ★Features authentic cockpit interior depiction.
★Mirror surfaces and emblems are recreated using metal transfers. ★Can be assembled as left- or right-hand drive. ★Metallic stickers recreate front and rear Honda and Acura emblems.


★Marvel at how accurately the revolutionary aerodynamic form of the NSX body is depicted in 1/24 scale.

★Detailed depictions of the longitudinal 3.5-liter V6 twin turbo and 9-speed dual clutch transmission.

★The complex front section features an intuitive parts breakdown to ensure fuss-free assembly and painting.

★Numerous metal-plated trim parts add a further layer of quality and realism to the detailed interior.

★The interior of the model also showcases fine recreations of the NSX's luxuriant bucket seats.

★Separate parts are employed to depict the individual air outlets in the center and sides of the rear bumper.

★This model goes to great lengths to capture the features of the NSX, including the front twin motor unit.

★Don't forget to take the time to appreciate the underside, complete with rendering of the rear diffuser.

★Decals, metal transfers and emblems are included, as well as window masking stickers to aid in the paint job.

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