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This ESC is designed for use with Tamiya Brushless Motors (Sensored) 15.5 turn and over, (Aftermarket brands 21.5 turn and over), and also brushed motors 23T and over. High point, neutral brake and brake settings are individually adjustable, while battery cut-off, reverse and motor modes can be selected. Setup is shown by an LED, and the ESC also features two protection functions and a cooling fan.
★Maximum continuous current: 75A ★Input voltage: 6.6V - 7.2V ★Dimensions: 41.5mm x 33.4mm x 27mm ★Weight: 56g (including cables) ★With cooling fan

• Sensored brushless ESC detects motor rotor positions with precision, enabling more efficient power supply and smoother motor response.
• Compatible with Tamiya brushless motors (sensored-type), and Tamiya brushed motors 23 turns and over.
• Choose from 10 different settings for both neutral brake and brake, to get your setup just how you want it.
• Features overheating and overload protection functions to help ensure that your equipment avoids damage.
• Weight: 56g (including cables)
• Compatible with Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Tamiya Li-Fe battery packs.
• Dimensions: 41.5 x 33.4 x 27mm
• [Basic specifications] Continuous maximum current 75A Output: 100% forward / 50% reverse Input voltage 6.6-7.2V Size 41.5 x 33.4 x 27mm Weight 56g (including cords) Cooling fan is standard equipment.

LO/HI Battery Cut-off Information:
LOW & HIGH Battery Low Voltage Protection Feature: LOW battery setting cuts off @ 5.6 volts approximately. (Best for Ni-CD, NI-MH and Li-FE battery chemistry) HIGH battery setting cuts off @ 6.2 volts approximately. (Best for other battery chemistries)
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