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Type 90 Tank with Mine Roller



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The Type 92 Mine Roller went under development in 1988 and was made official in 1992. Through the use of an attachment, its steel rollers for the detonation of pressure sensitive mines, and magnetic force emitting devices for the detonation of magnetic mines can be linked to the front of the main tank of the Japan Self Defense Force, the Type 90 Tank. After the removal of the mine roller unit, the Type 90 Tank can be used for regular duty.

  • This plastic model assembly kit richly recreates the powerful Type 90 Tank in combination with the Type 92 Mine Roller.
  • Kit also features the unique and challenging construction of the pressure sensitive mine roller, the magnetic mine detonating device and the attachment.
  • Two types of metal chains are included to heighten authenticity of kit.
  • Figures for commander and gunner are also included in kit.
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