Prepare your Tamiya Cars. This racing season will be epic!

The Philippine Cup Racing Points System

The Philippine Cup Racing Points System


To crown the season winner and the Philippine Cup champion, we have established a point system that will be applied to all Philippine Cup races.  These points are awarded to a racer and not a car. 

Participation: + 1 point

A racer can only earn 1 participation point in every leg.  Entering more than one car does not mean a racer will have more than 1 participation point.  The participation points are granted if you participate in the races.  If you registered but did not participate in the race, you will not receive a participation point.  Participation points will be used for tie breaks!

Quarterfinalists: + 15 points (round before the semifinals)

A racer can only earn 15 points when qualifying for the quarterfinals.  If a racer has more than 1 car, in the quarterfinals, the maximum points a racer will accumulate is still 15 points.

Semifinalists: + 15 points (round before the finals)

A racer can only earn 5 points when qualifying for the semifinals.  If a racer has more than 1 car,  in the semifinals, the maximum points a racer will accumulate is still 5 points.

Finalists: + 10 points

A racer can only earn 10 points when qualifying for the finals.  If a racer has more than one car in the finals, the maximum points a racer will accumulate is still 10 points.

Champion: + 10 points

2nd Place: + 6 points

3rd Place: + 4 points

4th Place: + 3 points (if 5 lane tracks)

5th Place: + 2 points (If 5 lane tracks)

The Philippine Cup Champion

The racer with the most points, the overall points leader, will immediately qualify for the Asia Challenge 2023 to be held in Thailand.  Additional racers will be invited to participate based on accumulated points.  The exact number of racers to represent the Philippine team will be determined after the last leg.    

In the event of a tie, participation points will be used as the tie breaker.  In case it is still tie after that, we will break the tie by counting the number of wins or entries of Leg 1-3 (not mini legs) at each level starting with number of times racer was a Champion, number of Finals appearances, number of semifinal appearances, number of quarterfinalist appearance, and finally number of cars qualified for the quarterfinals.   

Changes and Modifications

We will constantly evaluate the accuracy of capturing the race information needed to determine the points.  We reserve the right to make changes if we see it is necessary to adjust. 

Qualifying for Thailand 2023

The top five (5) racers by points, in each category, after Leg 3, will immediately qualify and will officially be invited to Thailand TMAC 2023.  The invitations are not transferrable and are only for the racer specified.  The racer must be able to independently maintain his/her car.  In the event that an invited racer is unable to accept the invitation, we will invite the racer with the next highest points in the category.  The details of the sponsorship will be clearly indicated in the invitation.
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