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1/10 R/C TA06-R Chassis Kit



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Tuned with High-Spec DNA
This kit sees the Dual-Drive TA06 chassis loaded with option parts and ready to be assembled in a racing spec. Many resin parts such as bulkheads and gear cases have been replaced with carbon reinforced counterparts, and suspension arms and uprights are the same as those employed by the high-spec TRF418 chassis. Front and rear suspension utilizes an outboard setup with the specifically designed carbon damper stays emnploying TRF short dampers. Furthermore, the rear stabilizer is designed specifically for the chassis and drivetrain features a TA06MS's aluminum center pulley mount for optimized efficiency. A number of aluminum parts such as ball connectors and turnbuckle shafts as well as fluorine coated suspension balls are also included.

Featured Components
●TRF Short Dampers ●TA06 Short Carbon Damper Stays (Front/Rear) ●TRF418 Separate Suspension Mounts ●TRF418 Suspension Mounts ●TRF418 Suspension Arms & Uprights ●TA06MS Aluminum Pulley Mount ●44mm Swing Shafts ●5mm Aluminum Ball Connectors ●Aluminum Turnbuckle Shafts ●Hi-Torque Servo Saver (Black) ●Carbon Reinforced Parts (A, J, T, N Parts) ●Clamp-Type Aluminum Wheel Hubs ●Fluorine Coated King Pins ●Fluorine Coated 5mm Suspension Balls

Front suspension utilizes outboard setup. Carbon damper stay employs TRF short dampers.

Rear stabilizer is designed specifically for the chassis.

Equipped with highly reliable TA06MS aluminum center pulley mount.

■Suspension is fitted with TRF418 chassis' suspension arms and uprights.

■Aluminum suspension mounts are also from TRF418 chassis.

●Chassis Length: 371mm, Width: 190mm ●Wheelbase: 257mm ●Tread (Front/Rear): 160mm ●Monocoque Frame Chassis ●Front 2-Belt, Rear Gear-Driven 4WD ●Front/Rear Gear Differential Units ●3-Piece Steering Linkage ●4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension ●TRF Short Dampers ●Gear Ratio=6.41:1 (kit-standard 68T spur and 23T pinion gears) ●Full Ball Bearings ●Requires Type 540 motor and electronic speed controller (sold separately)

Separately Required Items
●2-channel R/C unit with ESC ●Batteries for transmitter ●Battery pack & charger ●Body, tires, wheels, Type 540 motor, and pinion gear
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