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Formula E GEN2 Car - Championship Livery (1:10 Scale)



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This is an R/C model assembly kit depicting the GEN2 car used from 2018 in the Formula E championship, the pinnacle of electric car racing. The sleek, high-tech body with arch covered wheels is recreated in polycarbonate. Halo, mirrors and rear diffuser/bumper are separately molded components. Markings are included to recreate the Championship Livery car, and the model is based upon the shaft-driven 4WD of the TC-01 chassis.

TC-01: Seriously Low-Profile
This durable composite monocoque-frame chassis provides shaft driven 4WD from a central motor via front and rear propeller shafts, with oil filled gear differentials. 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension employs long arms, plus inboard setups front and rear with oil shock-dampers actuated by push rods and rocker arms to allow the use of low-profile bodies. Adjust spacer width to easily alter camber, skid and toe angle settings. Both suspension arms and uprights are identical left, right, front and rear, for more efficient maintenance and pit work.

• 1/10 scale RC assembly kit.
• Length: 430mm, Width: 188mm, Height: 99mm
• Wheelbase: 257mm
• Tire Width/Diameter: 24/64mm (Front & Rear)
• Composite Monocoque-Frame Chassis
• Shaft-Driven 4WD
• Front & Rear Oil-Filled Gear Differentials
• 3-Piece Steering Tie-Rod
• Front & Rear Inboard 4-Wheel Independent Double Wishbone Suspension
• CVA Oil Dampers (Front & Rear)
• Gear Ratio = 6.56:1 (with kit 24T pinion)
• Use of different spacers allows alteration of camber, caster and toe angles for maximum freedom of setup.
• Change bumpers and body mounts to switch between formula and touring car layouts.
• The shaft-driven 4WD layout uses TB-05 design oil-filled gear differentials for smooth, efficient drive performance.
• Type 540 Brushed Motor included
• Polycarbonate body
• Halo and mirror components are molded in white ABS.
• In addition to the unique Formula E Gen2 body, this chassis is compatible with standard touring car measurement bodies. Wheelbase: 257mm.
• Stickers are included to recreate the championship car livery.
• Compatible with IFMAR standard “square-shape” dimension battery packs.
• Required to complete: 2-channel radio, steering servo, ESC, 7.2-7.4volt battery pack with compatible charge, and Tamiya PS paint for polycarbonate arts and Tamiya TS paint for ABS plastic parts.

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