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Mercedes-Benz AROCS 4151 Tipper Truck



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Length: 667mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

The Arocs series is a line of heavy-duty models introduced in 2013 by the world’s leading truck manufacturer, Daimler AG (Germany). This R/C model assembly kit recreates the Arocs 4151 8x4 dump truck (gross vehicle weight: 41t), which runs on a 12.8-liter turbocharged inline-6 engine capable of 510hp. It features a highly detailed body with distinctive bucket tooth front grille as a separate part. The roof has a front bar with light pods, and the inside of the cab is also depicted. Behind the cab, a realistic one-piece resin bed is reinforced with a metal frame, while the ladder frame chassis features aluminum side channels with resin cross members. The two front axles are steered via a single servo, and power from the front-mounted TR Mighty Tuned Motor (35T) is delivered to rear axles via propeller shaft, with a built-in differential gear on each rear axle for smooth cornering. Its highly-realistic suspension utilizes metal leaf springs and friction dampers. Tandem die-cast front axles have individual leaf springs, and reinforced resin rear axles are a trunnion design. The assembly type 3-speed transmission allows gear changes via a separately available 4-channel transmitter.

★The single-piece ABS plastic bed is combined with an aluminum frame to ensure plenty of durability as well as realism.

★The distinctive Arocs front grille is depicted, using separate parts, while the emblem is recreated by a plated component.

★Side mirror surfaces are also metal plated parts, and accurately capture the curved surface. The big duct is also rereated.

★The model's battery pack is contained in a dedicated case over the second axle, allowing battery changes even when the bed is loaded.

★There are even display options available on this model, such as the choice of depicting cab rear ladders deployed or stowed.

★Both of the front axles are controlled by a single steering servo. Note that the slight difference in wheel angle is captured.

★A 3-speed assembly type transmisson and TR Mighty-Tuned Motor (35T) are in the kit to ensure durable and realistic running.

★The trunnion design suspension is inspired by full-size trucks, and features special reinforced plastic axles plus metal leaf springs.

★The model features stylish metal-plated wheels both front and rear, the former having single tires, and the latter having dual tires.

★Left: A close-up on a rear fender, which covers both axles and features a flat top with anti-slip markings recreated by sticker.

★Right: The front end of the the bed can be adorned with the included shovel, brush and fire extinguisher for super realism.

★Left: Four cones are also included in the kit, and make a nice accessory when displaying the model statically.

★Right: See this impressive model in action in this video, uploaded to our official YouTube channel!

●Length: 667mm, Width: 196mm, Height: 268mm, Weight (without optional parts): Approx. 5.1kg ●Wheelbase: 133mm + 215mm + 103mm ●Tread: 156mm (front), 138mm (rear, double tire) ●Chassis: aluminum & polycarbonate resin ladder frame ●Front/rear leaf spring rigid suspension ●Caster angle (front/rear): 0°/0° ●Camber angle (front/rear): 0° ●Toe angle: 0°(front & rear) ●Aluminum dummy dampers (front & rear) ●Dual rear axle drive ●3-gear transmission (gear shifting operated via transmitter) ●Gear ratio: (1st) 32.49:1, (2nd) 17.76:1, (3rd) 10.66:1 ●3-bevel differential gears ●TR Mighty Tuned Motor (35T) ●Tire width/diameter: 22mm/83mm (front); 22mm/84mm (rear)

Separately Required Items
★R/C system w/ESC (MFC-03 or TBLE-02S recommended) ★R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter ★Battery pack & charger

Get Tipping!
This separately sold set features parts to enable control of Tamiya 1/14 R/C tipper truck beds via separately sold transmitter. It includes geared motor, spindle shaft, link pieces and ACU-01 unit, and can raise beds carrying loads of up to 10kg. A clutch is installed to help prevent damage due to over-loading.
Click here to see the item page: Item 56545 Electric Actuator Set for 1/14 Scale Tipper Truck

★A precision geared motor turns the spindle shaft, lengthening and shortening the metal cylinder.

★The model can run with and lift loads of up 10 kilograms, with bed motion controllable via transmitter.

★The locks on the truck bed rear keep the gate closed when bed is down, and allow it to open as the bed is raised.

Realistic Lights, Sounds, and Vibration
Tamiya Multi-Function Control Units (not included, sold separately) offer lights, sounds, and vibrations to accompany your R/C truck experience. Engine sounds have been digitally recorded from an actual truck, and together with air horn, gear shifting, and many other realistic sounds, give you the feeling that you are driving the real thing! Headlights, brake lights, fog lamp, hazard lights and turn signal operations are also at your fingertips.
Please note that longer cables (separately sold Items 56549, 56550 and 56551) are required to light up taillights.

★Among the various boxes and tanks on the truck is the exhaust box, which can be used to house the MFC-03's control unit.

★The MFC unit will allow lighting up of the headlights and fog lamps behind their distinctive grilles, with white LEDs.

★This model has a customized mood, with lamps installed on the roof bar. Why not light them up, too, with the MFC unit?
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