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Mitsubishi Pajero V6 3500



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【Enjoying a full body feeling and powerful driving unique to 4WD】 It is a plastic model assembly kit of a fun mini four-wheel drive car with a powerful running and a realistic body. The body reproduced the 2 door short type of the 3rd generation Pajero which received the model change in September 1999. I modeled the form full of dynamism realistically. Attach the off-road tire to the 6-spoke wheel and tighten your feet. The chassis conveys the motor power with a propeller shaft and a worm gear 4 WD. It has a safety mechanism to protect the gear from impossible force. Assembly is easy to complete with fitting-in type without adhesive, motorized without wiring.

【Basic Specification】 ● Total length 142 mm at completion ● Width 72 mm ● With motor

【Separately Requested Items】 ● 2 AA batteries
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