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The Nissan Z announced as the U.S. spec Z in New York in August 2021 and then as the Japan spec Fairlady Z in January 2022 now comes to model car hobbyists in the form of this 1/24 scale model kit. The car puts to use a modern design incorporating traditional Z car features. A 3-liter V6 twin-turbo engine comes paired with a choice of 6-speed manual transmission or 9-speed automatic transmission.
Tamiya has faithfully captured this new Z in every detail in 1/24 scale and is sure to attract car enthusiast aficionados and modelers alike around the world!

• 1/24 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 183mm, width: 84mm, height: 55mm.
• Select either Japanese version (right hand drive) or North America version (left hand drive).
• Separately molded roof allows a simpler painting job.
• The distinctive wheels recreated with tread-patterned tires.
• Comes with decals and metal transfers.
• Includes masking stickers for painting demarcation of transparent components.
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