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This historical model assembly kit depicts the German Panzerkampfwagen IV, a stalwart of the WWII effort, serving from start to finish of the conflict. It was manufactured in 1936 with the Ausf.A before its final version went into production in 1941 as the Ausf.F.

You can now own this beauty in 1/35 scale with brand new parts - only the lower hull and wheels are existing designs. You can choose between two different types of engine deck hatches and the tracks mimic the Ausf.F design with lightened center guide sections. The model includes 3 figures; a commander, gunner and loader. The kit also includes two different markings.

35374 Tamiya German Tank Panzerkampfwagen IV

Recommended Tools:
87182 Tamiya Extra-Thin Cement (Quick Setting)
87038 Tamiya Extra-Thin Cement
74123 Tamiya Sharp Pointed Side Cutter
69930 Tamiya Modeler's Knife
74112 Tamiya Fine Pin Vise
42304 Tamiya Damper Piston Drill Bit Set
74003 Tamiya Angled Tweezers
74005 Tamiya Curved Scissors
74104 Tamiya Basic File Set - Smooth

Recommended Paints:
85004 Tamiya TS-4 German Gray
81505 Tamiya X-5 Green
81507 Tamiya X-7 Red
81510 Tamiya X-10 Gunmetal
81518 Tamiya X-18 Semi Gloss Black
81701 Tamiya XF-1 Flat Black
81702 Tamiya XF-2 Flat White
81715 Tamiya XF-15 Flat Flesh
81749 Tamiya XF-49 Khaki
81752 Tamiya XF-52 Flat Earth
81756 Tamiya XF-56 Metallic Gray
81761 Tamiya XF-61 Dark Green
81764 Tamiya XF-64 Red Brown
81765 Tamiya XF-65 Field Gray
81784 Tamiya XF-84 Dark Iron
81785 Tamiya XF-85 Rubber
81792 Tamiya XF-92 Yellow Brown

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