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Zero Fighter Type 52



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Product image 1Zero Fighter Type 52
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The first A6M5 “Zero” was build by the Mitsubishi Jukogyo in 1943. It was developed to combat heavier built & armed Allied fighters that were knocking the earlier “Zero” out of the sky during 1943. The Nakajima NK1F Sakae 21 engine gave the plane slightly better performance, and the armament was changed to 2- 20mm and 2- 13.2mm guns. These changes did not make up for the lack of armor, or the lack of self-sealing fuel tanks. However,despite these shortcomings, over 10,450 were built, being used during the entire war because other models of Japanese aircraft continued to have “teething” problems.

Item No.: 80241
Item Name: Japanese A6M5 Type 0 Model 52
Bar Code: 6939319202413
Scale: 1:72
Item Type: Static Aircraft
Model Brief: Length:126.8 mm   Width:152.4 mm   Height:51 mm
Total Parts: 32
Total Sprues: 3pcs sprues, fuselage and wing
Paint Schemes: 1) 203rd Flying Group W.O.T.TANIMIZU KAGOSHIMA, Jun1945
 2) Yokosuka Naval Wing, YOKOSUKA 1945, JGSaburo Sakai
Released Date: 2007-07
More Features: The kit consists of 31 parts in light grey plastic,1with clear canopy,easy assembly, fuselage and wing each moulded in whole.

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